Saturday, May 21, 2011

Win A Free Book!

Last week, I lamented about the scourge of freeloaders who ask for books only to sell them.  Now, I'm moving forward and giving you a chance to win a free book.  There is no catch, and 1 person who enters my "Not For Resale" giveaway will win a 100% free copy of "Virtual Wiles," the first book I had published back in 2007, and the first novel in the Virtual Saga.

Win a free book
but don't try to
sell it afterwards!
Why the big change of heart, you ask?  Well, this copy that I'm giving away will be vandalized by the author.  Now, don't get all discouraged; the text won't be harmed in any way, and the exterior will still look attractive.  However, a couple of pages will be marked "Free Sample, Not For Resale," and there may be some threats of a thousand curses upon anyone greedy enough to attempt to sell it.  I'm not sure if this will stop the "hocksters," but it'll make them think twice.

If you are genuinely interested in reading this book, be sure to enter this giveaway!

How to enter:  Post a reply to this thread, asking to be included in the giveaway, or send an email to asking to be entered.  On June 4th, I'll put all of your names in a hat and draw the lucky winner at random.

I'll mail this free, promotional copy to anyone in the world, so don't worry if you're from out of the USA (man, I'm going to be so generous when it comes to postage expenses).

So there you have it!  Who wants to win this free reading material?  Speak up.

PS:  Although there are no strings attached, it would be most appreciated if you'd see fit to write a review of it afterwards (posted on Amazon, your blog, etc...), for that is the key to future sales.  Word of mouth is my largest need right now.


  1. I'd like to win a copy of "Virtual Wiles" so please include me in the giveaway. My email is

    fdhelp at gmail dot com

  2. Excellent! We have our first entrant. Now, let's see who else jumps on board.

  3. Please include me. I would love to read this. And win this, of course! :) debbie4bofa@yahoo,com

  4. I'd love to win a copy of Virtual Wiles, and of course am happy to review, tweet, blog. Tart-away, I say!

  5. I'd like to join this giveaway. My email is