Friday, June 24, 2011

My Kind of Message

A lot of songs don't really mean much of anything.  Sure, most of them say something, though it's often "I love you," or "I want you," or "Life sucks, pass the bottle" (that seems to be the common theme of much poetry, as well).  Yet, among the myriad array of musical morass, there are those songs which send my kind of message.  Sometimes, there just comes a song that speaks to me on a unique level, and makes me feel a sort of kinship with the lyricist.

Here are a few songs with messages that have touched me in some way or another.  See if any of them have an impact on your psyche.

8: Old Time Rock & Roll –Bob Seger
In this era of cRap music, whiny divas, and lousy beats, I often find myself feeling just like this song.  Most of the stuff I like to listen to was made years ago, and modern music generally leaves me shaking my head.
"I like that old time Rock and Roll!"

7: Bad Attitude –Meat Loaf
A song of rebellion and non-conformity, which cuts both ways.  It reflects a lot of my feelings about this 9 to 5 world, and the cookie-cutter mentality of society in general.  And it gives an often overlooked truth:  The most famous people in the world are those who busted out of the mold and did it their way.
"Every hero was once, every villain was once, just a boy with a bad attitude."

6: The Story in Your Eyes –The Moody Blues
This song has always held a bit of truth for me, and it reflects some of the way the world seems to be more often than not.
"Listen to the tide slowly turning, wash all our heartaches away.  We're part of the fire that is burning, and from the ashes we can live another day."
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5: Dancing in The Dark –Bruce Springsteen
Sometimes, I can really relate to the theme of this song, of being stuck in a rut and wishing to bust out of it.  Standing still and waiting for "action" can really be a strain.
"You sit around getting older.  There's a joke here somewhere and it's on me."
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4: I'll Be There –Starship
This last song of their final album is a hidden gem.  A hardcore song of love and devotion, which can be applied to so many situations.  This serves as the unofficial theme song for The Rogue Investigations.
"I'll be there for you when hope seems thin and your chances are few."
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3: There's A Place –The Beatles
One of their earliest and shorter songs.  In the grand scheme of things, it is somewhat weak compared to many other Beatles classics, but the underlying message of the song earns it a special place with me.  A lot of different bands have done covers of this one, though there's no beating the fab four's original!
"There is a place where I can go when I feel low, when I feel blue, and it's my mind, and there's no time when I'm alone."

2: Getting to The Point –Electric Light Orchestra
Written to reflect Jeff Lynne's feelings about his band dissolving, this song also has a deeper meaning about the world at large.  I often look out at this chaotic world, and feel exactly like this song.
"It's getting to the point where nobody can stop it now.  It's getting to the point of no return, and all that I can do is stand and watch it now.  Watch it burn, burn, burn."
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1: Don't Wait for Heroes –Dennis DeYoung
A lot of people know him as the pianist singer/songwriter for Styx, though Dennis DeYoung's solo career has produced a few message gems, as well.  This first song from his Desert Moon album speaks to those of us who still cling to creative dreams, of fame and fortune in our selective fields.
"Winners are losers who got up and gave it just one more try."
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That about sums it up; eight songs that send a message that has touched my heart.  I've put links to those that I could find available on Amazon.  They don't have any Beatles or Seger for sale as individual MP3 songs, and Meat Loaf's "Bad Attitude" is probably too obscure (the Bad Attitude album has been out of production for years, which is a real shame, since it's one of his best).  Enjoy these songs wherever you may find them.

So, what are some songs that have impacted your life?

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  1. I agree - most songs don't really mean anything, and contain the same old clichéd lyrics. However, there are songs which speak to people on a personal level. For example, David Bowie's Starman always gets my creative juices flowing. Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream isn't a great song, but it was the theme song to Mr. G and I's early days. Thankfully, things did get better.

    Ellie Garratt