Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poll Results: Your Life

Last week's poll sucked.  I'll admit that, since we had a whopping 3 votes.  It was clear this ill conceived philosophical question piqued nobody's interest, and the only votes were for "Uber Wealth."  Not a very insightful bunch of results.

I'm going to drop the "regular" poll feature, since they aren't interesting to enough people at this time.  I'll throw one or two up when key issues come up, but to have a poll that nobody wants to vote in, just for the sake of having one is pretty ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, stop by for tomorrow's post, which will expose a really insane notion.  Disclaimer: the author cannot be held responsible for any hated or ill feelings that may result from the reading of tomorrow's blog post.  There, covered my ass from litigation.  Phew!  Now, onward...

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