Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Lucky Winner

Okay, it's been long enough.  The winner of my "Not for Resale" promotional giveaway was drawn on June 4th, and after a few late emails on both sides I've finally gotten everything together and sent the prize to Chris Anderson.  His name was the one drawn from the hat, and I hope he enjoys this book a great deal.  It's being shipped all the way to Australia, which is something I've done before, though rarely.  It's nice to win fans in far flung places.

As promised, the book has been marked "Not for Resale" in several places, as well as being signed.  Also, on the back of the front cover I wrote the following, to help prevent anyone from cashing in on my charity:

This book has been given away for free by the author.  It is not to be sold for profit.  It may be given away to others who wish to read it, if the owner so desires.

Anyone who seeks to make money by selling this copy of Virtual Wiles shall be cursed.  Their eyes shall go blind, and their fortune shall be blown to the wind.  These are the least of the thousand curses which will be visited upon them!  Profiteers are hereby warned!

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this fantasy adventure. –Martin.

So, if that doesn't stop them, nothing will.  Of course, having a personal inscription like this from the author might just increase the book's desirability someday, and spur a bidding war.  Well, if I'm ever famous enough, that one of my books will be worth significantly more because of my personal warnings, I will publicly rescind the curse.

Remember, anyone who buys a book can do anything they want with it afterwards with my blessing... well, almost anything.  So, buy my books.  You'd spend more for lunch at some fast food joint, and isn't hours of reading worth more than some greasy sludge that'll clog your arteries?  Read, don't die!

Have a great weekend.

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