Monday, November 28, 2011

Positively Negative (Minstrel Mondays)

Here's a poem with a lot of subtext, and everyone will take away a different meaning from it.  I won't go explaining it too deeply, for it would really ruin it.  You need to see your own message in this, whether it's one we share or completely opposite ends of the spectrum.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Truth is in the dark
What you seek
Lies hidden from view
For you don't want to see it
You don't want it to be true
When the truth of the matter
Is contrary to your fairytales
You choose to believe the lie

A positive fabrication
Is what you want to believe
So you spend all your time
Lying to yourself
And everyone you see
Do not accept rational thought
Say it is wrong and it'll go away
Say those who don't follow
Along with your fantasies
Are simply full of hate
They want to main and murder
All the unsuspecting souls
Funny, all the while
You practice what you accuse

If truth is negative,
Call me what I am
The heretic
The hatemonger
The expletives you spew!
It's easier to lie
Than to accept the truth
Even when it means being mean
To prove a fallacious point

Look in the mirror
Positive one
And you'll see that your charge
Is not nearly as noble
As you believed at the start

Take heed of the truth
Seek to seek it
Even when it's ugly
And people will call you
The negative philosopher

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