Monday, November 7, 2011

What Love Has Done (Minstrel Mondays)

I've hit NaNoWirMo running this year, and on this seventh day of the exercise I expect to surpass 16,000 words on The Six-Gun Conjurer.  This puts me several days ahead of the minimum word count, so barring any severe trajedy I expect to surpass the 50k mark well ahead of schedule.

Here's a short bit of poetry I wrote ten years ago, to tide you over while I continue with the book.

I'm afraid I cannot work today.
My luck is just so bad.
If I were to get in a car,
it would be a wreck.
If I were to get in a boat,
I'm afraid it would sink.
Were I to patch masonry,
I'd become cemented to the wall.
Were I to fix a window,
my body would fall through the flimsy pane.
That's what your love has done to me.

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