Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sneak Peek: The Six-Gun Conjurer

It's day two of National Novel Writing Month, and right now I'm well ahead of schedule, with nearly 4,300 words written in my latest book, the third volume of the Fantasy Western saga!  The Six-Gun Conjurer is coming together nicely, with some all new characters and old favorites.  As things progress, I'll share a snippet or two of the work here, but only a few short passages.  Keep in mind, this is raw text, unedited and fresh off my keyboard.

In this piece from the book's opening sequence, we get to see a new member of the cast meeting a very special guest!

            There was something familiar about the man sitting beside him.  The sandy-haired fellow had a stern, serious look on his face, and didn't seem the kind to crack a smile often.  The relatively youthful look of his body placed him somewhere around thirty, and the smooth hands revealed he wasn't one for manual labor.  That, and the quality suit he wore revealed him to be something of a businessman or educated professional.

           Clarence let his curiosity get the better of him, and he felt the urge to introduce himself.  With a slight adjustment of his body, he managed to present a hand for the other man to shake, which he did with a strong grip, but no words.

            "So, what brings you out to Selwood?" Clarence asked, hoping to get some information out of the silent man.

            "Business, and an old friend," the man said.

            "What a coincidence.  It happens I'm traveling to see an old friend, myself," Clarence said.

            "Really?" the man said.

            "Well, more than a friend, actually.  The man practically raised me after my mother died.  It'll be good to be back."

            "Not your first trip to Selwood, then?" the man asked.

            "No, I've been here a few times," Clarence replied.  "Though, I mostly grew up in Kansas.  We didn't move out to Nevada until seventy-six.  I only spent a year in Selwood before going back east to college, and haven't been back since."

            "College?  You wouldn't happen to be wrangling for a job offer, would you?" the man asked suspiciously.

            "No," Clarence said.  "Why ever would you think that?"

            The mustached man sitting across from him cleared his throat and caught his attention.  "Hey, buddy, don't you know who this guy is?"

            "No, who is he?" Clarence asked, adding a questioning look.

            "That's Thomas Edison."

There you have it, the first sneak peek at "The Six Gun Conjurer."  Get ready for more might and mysticism in the Wild West, coming soon!

If you'd like to keep track of my writing progress, be sure to visit my NaNoWriMo page!

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