Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rise of the Rogue Fighters (Peek 1)

Here's a sequel that a few of my most loyal fans are still waiting for.  The follow-up to "The Rogue Investigations" that will continue the paranormal investigations of Zachary McCain and his associates.  Much like the first volume in the series, Rise of the Rogue Fighters is largely based on stories I wrote as a teenager, wild fantasies derived from a steady diet of pulp sci-fi and comic books.  In this sequel, there will be a lot more magical and superhero stuff, but the underlying uniqueness of the first set of stories will still dominate.

So, here is your first sneak peek at the yet-unfinished project:

(Excerpt From Chapter 5: The Legendary Mind)

            "Christ, what a mess,"  Nathan remarked, flicking a gum wrapper into the debris.  "I hope he's got good insurance."

            "Not a cent," a raspy voice replied.

            Turning from the wreckage, Nathan saw the approaching voice belonged to the local police chief, a grizzled veteran years beyond retirement with a cigarette dangling from his lips.  He was accompanied by Zachary McCain.

            "Nathan Bradford, meet Rodney Curtis," Zachary announced.

            "You can call me Rod," the officer said.  "So you're McCain's new bodyguard, eh?  Must be fun, getting paid to follow him around while he dreams up his little fantasies."

            "They're anything but fantasies," Zachary said.  "But I don't expect someone of your years to ever change.  You're set in your limited view of things."

            "It's called sanity, Zachary.  You should try it sometime.  You'll live longer," Rod said, as a young police officer approached him from the side.  "Give me a minute."

            As Rod stepped aside to talk with his fellow officer, Zachary took the opportunity to peruse the charred wreckage.  He and Nathan slipped around behind the sizeable pile, obscured from Curtis' view.

            "What exactly are we looking for?"  Nathan asked.

            "I'm not sure," Zachary replied.  "Julie said this was going to happen in Ellsworth."

            "You said she was pretty scatterbrained at the time," Nathan said.  "Think she just got confused?"

            "Maybe.  Truth be told, I'm have no idea why we're here."

            "Chasing fantasies?"

            "Something like that," Zachary answered.

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