Monday, November 14, 2011

What Does It Mean? (Minstrel Mondays)

The world is a pain in the ass too often, and for those of us who live outside of the mainstream it can be very trying at times.  That is why so many good people seem to give up; shut off their minds and go with the flow, because it's easy.  Following trends and being "cool" is simple, but thinking for yourself is hard... and for the record "counter-culture" is the new normal, the antithesis of its namesake.  Revel in the irony!

Here's a poem for everyone who isn't "hip," or on the cutting edge of pop culture.

What does it mean
when you see a scene on a picture screen
that reminds you of time you've lost?

Why does it hurt
when you're heart's burnt
and it's blood does spurt
all over the remnants of life?

All I see, I know it well.
I've experienced some and it was swell.
But truth be told, it's all gone to hell
and I don't want to see it any longer.

I want to vanish from the reality of pain
the misery of fame or forgetfulness.
I don't want it to be at all,
I just want to live away.

Never do I want to see
the filthy city streets,
that infamous urban beat.
The sum of things and people
that make me sick, head to feet.

Hide away from human sight
where few can find me, it just seems right.
It just feels so good to be
with only those who care for me.

Leave me alone, world of blunder,
to my peace of mind, because I know it,
and I must not be bothered with pathetic games
that seek to propagate lust and murder.

Let me give you a taste of mind,
the light of truth that anyone can find
if they bother to take the time
to use their brains once in a while.

What does it mean
these things I see, the times I dream?
Is all to be mine eventually,
or will nothing ever come to me at all?

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