Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome The Sun

I was glorious yesterday, a sweet spring-like day, even as the lingering essence of winter remained.  It was almost 70F in the shade during the afternoon, and for the first time in months I felt very much alive.  You don't realize how depressing and physically debilitating the winter can be until it's over.  Here's a little poem I threw together in honor of the blessed warmth.

The sun hits my brow
and I know I'm alive.
Oh, sunny days
I want you to stay.

There are times
I feel like the rain,
don't want to get up
lurking in dismay.
Yet when I'm growing
near your light
you come up next to me
and everything is all right.

Oh sunny days,
please come back to me
so I can see
the meaning of every way.
The way I live it
is yearning for the sunlight
even 'round midnight.

The darkest day
is long forgotten
as the winter wind
is blown away to spring
and the summer's heart
burning deep within me
melts the icecaps dry.

I love the sun
of the autumn
and the midwinter's thaw,
perchance it happens,
but as the return of warmth
brings us renewed pleasure
I once again find myself
thankful for us all.

Will tomorrow be as bright
to give us each a remembrance,
a sweet embrace of our spring life
awaking from frozen slumbers
of our shadowed past.
Forget the snows
and the gloomy showers
and embrace the purity
of tomorrow's radiance.

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