Tuesday, March 13, 2012

West of the Warlock in the UK

In my continuing quest to make my work available to readers beyond my native shores, I am pleased to announce that "West of the Warlock" is currently for sale on Amazon.co.uk!  I know I have a few readers over across the pond, so I'm hoping they'll do me the honour of acquiring this first volume in my Fantasy Western series, and perhaps consider posting a review.  It is quite affordable for the Kindle, and the Print edition isn't so bad, either.  Both contain extra content you haven't seen before, so you'll get your money's worth.

Get West of the Warlock From Amazon.co.uk!

The sequel, "The Curse of Selwood," will be coming out this summer, and the 3rd book in the series will be released in Fall/Winter 2012!  And, of course, I'm currently writing book #4.  If you want a series you can sink you teeth into, and continue reading with subsequent volumes, this is your kind of fiction.  It has tons of growth potential yet to come!

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