Thursday, March 31, 2011

April's Magic Number Giveaway

Okay, it's March 31st, and we are sadly short of the 25 followers goal I placed two weeks ago for the "Luck of the Irish" giveaway. We're getting closer, and if by some uncanny miracle 6 more followers jump on board before the end of the day, the drawing will be held. However, that is highly unlikely, so let me tell you about the next giveaway.

31 is the number to match or beat in April. Why that seemingly random number, you ask? Quite simple, this is the month that I will be turning 31, so I feel it's only fitting to shape the contest around that momentous occasion.

April's "magic number" giveaway will be slightly different from March's contest, as we won't be waiting until the end of the month, if the right number of followers is reached. The day this blog hits 31 followers is the day the copy of Virtual Wiles will be given away. Whether that happens in a few days, or it takes until the 30th, whenever there are 31 people openly following the blog is the day their names will go into the hat, and one will be drawn at random for the win.

I know, getting the word out is a painstaking task in this era of unlimited competition, but we can do it. It's time to move forward. Here's your second chance to win. Spread the word, and let's get 31 people following before April is gone!

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