Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Improvements

As you may have noticed, I am now blogging daily, placing something online for my friends and fans to follow regularly. I hope to keep this up, and post something new and of interest each day, though I may miss one once in a while. For the meantime, be assured I'll be here, so drop by often.

To help improve the blogging experience and encourage more participation from my loyal readers, I am making some little changes along the way. The latest changes are to the comments system. I have made two significant augmentations to this feature.

The first positive change I've made regards those pesky little "word confirmation" boxes that always pop up when you're trying to post a comment. They always irritate me whenever I run into them, so they have been removed from my blog. You may now post without having a stupid blurry word to copy over and over again. Liberation!

The second change allows "Anonymous" comments from those who don't have an account with Google, Livejournal, Wordpress, etc.... I know there are quite a few of you out there who are reading this but don't have a blog account, so now you may leave comments just the same. However, for this feature to work effectively, I have enabled "comment moderation," so I will have to approve your comment before it is publicly displayed. This is to prevent disruptive trolls from posting hateful garbage or links to porn sites on the blog—believe me, it happens when you let anyone post comments anonymously, damn spammers!

So, now you may all participate on my blog if you so desire. In the coming weeks, I'll have plenty of fascinating comments to make on a number of topics, so return, and invite your friends. You never know what might pique their interest.

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  1. Great changes!

    I must profess that I haven't been around that often, but I will try to do so in future.