Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's All About The Numbers

Last Week, I announced my "Luck of the Irish" giveaway. I'm pleased to see some new followers on board, and that we're getting closer to the 25 member threshold for the contest. With one more week to go, there is a good chance we'll make it, and the free copy of Virtual Wiles will be given to one of those lucky followers. Keep spreading the word, and make this freebie a reality!

8 people. That's the magic number at the time of this writing. If 8 new people start following, the book will be given away on March 31st. That may seem like a small number, but it may not be attainable in a single week. Maybe I just don't have enough gravitas to draw in a horde of groupies. If not, I'll just have to settle for quality rather than quantity.

Assemble the great masses of the people, Comrades.
"Follow blog, or we will bury you!"
Rest assured, if we don't hit 25 followers by March 31st, there will be another chance to win this book. April is a very special month, and I'll have more details coming up. There's still hope, so invite friends, family, and even the drunken hobo down the street who occasionally foregoes a bottle of Wild Irish Rose for an hour at the local internet cafe. Together, we can do it!

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