Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tag Mania!

There is a little experiment I'd like you to help me conduct. It won't take you more than a minute for minimal participation, and a few extra moments to invite friends to join in if you feel especially motivated. Please, go to Amazon.com's Guns of Mars page, and scroll down to the "tags" section. Please pick half a dozen pre-existing tags, and "agree" with them by checking the little boxes beside them. Doing this may help boost the book's listing in some respects, and bring it to the attention of potential buyers in various ways.

There are readers out there shopping for books with certain labels. Some are just after a book tagged "Sci-Fi," others want "Action." Still others are after "Military SF" or stories about Mars. In order to be assured that a particular book really matches a label, people need confirmation, and that's where this multiple tags concept comes from. If enough people check the box and confirm that the book belongs in a certain category, buyers will have greater assurance that they'll get what's advertised, and buy with greater frequency (in theory).

Also, more checks for less common tags can rise an item to the top of certain listings, therefore it becomes more visible. If a book gets enough tags, it could really take off, especially in ebook format. At least, this is what our little experiment could prove, if enough people participate.

This is not hard to do, and I will consider it a big favor if you would each do this. Let's get as many people "tagging" The Guns of Mars as possible, and we'll see what happens. Come on, it'll be fun!

If you feel so inclined, add The Guns of Mars' Amazon link to your blog, and invite your followers to join in the fun. Now, let's get tagging.

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