Friday, March 18, 2011

Reader Opinions -anted

Your opinion is impotent impertinent important to me (yes, that's the one). So, why not take a moment to let your voice be heard with my first ever readership poll? This is a fun way that everyone who reads the blog can let me know what they like to read most.

What topics are you most interested in reading at Martin's blog?
Stuff about his writing/stories.
Stuff that'll tee people off (politics/religion).
I just come to read the geneaology crap.
Shameless self-promotional topics.
Reviews of other people's stuff.
Human interest pieces (what Martin's really doing).
Minstrel Mondays (I love the songs/poems!).

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I can't say if the results of this poll will seriously alter what I write or post, but it would be nice to hear what you like about my current posting habits. Give me your three cents worth today, and stay tuned!

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