Monday, March 7, 2011

Minstrel Mondays: "With You"

Keeping with the new "themed" scheduling for the blog, for the foreseeable future we will have "Minstrel Mondays." I used to write a lot of poetry in my youth, as well as some song lyrics. I'm really quite adept at stringing lyrics together, though I never pursued a career in music (perhaps I should have). Either way, I have a ton of artistic stuff gathering dust, so I'm going to brush it off and put it on display.

Let's kick this theme day off with a little song I wrote back in 2001.

I look at the Earth,
I see what it's worth.
I look at the sky,
and I so want to fly with you.
With you.

Time goes by so slow every day,
but when it's time to go I so want to stay with you.
With you.

And life, it never seemed to go my way,
until I found you.
And time, it only seemed to flow away,
until you flowed to me.

Stay with me,
on an evening so glorious that we can see,
what's meant to be.
And even if things don't always seem to go our way,
we'll have to say,
that it's just a way to keep us from going astray.

Sometimes we'll have to play
the world's entangled mindgames.
Play those games with me,
and I promise life will be all it was meant to be,
for you and me.
It always will be,
As long as I'm always with you.
With you.

Never should I have to say I need you,
'cause I know you will always be there
at my side.
And we don't ever have to do what the silly fools say.
The pains of life are always to be locked away
with love.

Be with me.
Always dreaming for tomorrow's dream.
I never want to be without you.
I hope you'll stay this time,
and it'll never end so long as we are always one.

With you, life could be simpler.
With you, all things would fall into place.
It's true. All I'm ever meant to be;
With you.

Yes, it's a silly love song. Hey, they worked for Paul McCartney, right?

So, there you have it; a little taste of frivolity thrown together in the name of artistic expression. If for some strange reason anyone ever wants to use this or other lyrics I've written, I'd be willing to let them go cheap (as long as I get a byline).

I hope you've enjoyed the first Minstrel Monday post, and that you'll stop by again next Monday for our second whimsical installment.

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