Monday, October 31, 2011

Evil Unseen (Minstrel Mondays)

It's Halloween, and what would this spooky day be without a bit of macabre poetry?  While not in the league of Edgar Allen Poe, here's a creepy little bit I threw together for just such an occasion.

They watch you as you work,
as you enjoy a day,
or simply play.
The dark things which seem
as human as can be
to those who know nothing
of ethereal ways.

Every word echoes cavernously,
and even sunbeams bend around
their demonic forms,
when seen in the light
of spiritual sight.
My skin crawls in their presence
for I know the depth
of their twisted souls.

Be warned, physical souls,
these beings of whom I speak,
they'll get you,
and you'll never see it coming.
For nice they will seem,
as many fools around.
Yet death is in their hearts
the deep rivers of existence
stained dark with their lethal might.

The evil that lurks inside,
is more than mere words can describe.
These things among man
lurk in plain daylight.
I cannot yet tell how deep it goes,
or how powerful they may be
out of my sight.

Friends of the devil, indeed.
Yet their evil goes much deeper
than that old religious foe.
The depths of Hell hath no place
for fiends as foul as
the forgotten purveyors
lurking in the night.

Tomorrow is the kick-off for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so for the month of November my posts are likely to be scarce.  I'll endeavor to post something each week, but four posts might be stretching it a bit.  Bear with me as I produce the next volume in the Fantasy Western saga!

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