Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dawn's Returning Light (Minstrel Mondays)

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here's a fresh piece of poetry for the coming days.  Enjoy it, and relish in the newness of the season.

A new day is dawning
A new way is calling
and time is slowly
ticking down to a fall.
The end isn't nearing
but it's starting to look
like the beginning.
I hope I will be here
when the stars come shining through.

Break out now before it's too late
catch the wave and claim your fate
seize the moment that you know
is yours for the taking
and your life will be great.

But if you shirk from the light,
hide your eyes,
lurk amongst the shadows
that loom over your time,
you'll never know the
glory of tomorrow.
Stand up for what's right
for you and those that
really matter.
The little secret you hold
is that the light of the world
lies deep within you.

The tree grows tall
straight and narrow,
supported by his neighbors.
Cut down those around him
and he'll quickly bend and fall
under his own weight.
I have an axe to grind
and it's getting near harvest time.

Don't be the tree,
be the lumberjack
and give her a whack!

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