Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Deborah

There are people in my life that have drifted away over the years.  For various reasons, we've fallen out of touch, and at the moment I have more contact with some distant cousins than I do with relatives who are relatively close.

One of those people who is absent from my life is my half-sister, Deborah Ruth Perron.  I haven't heard from her in years, and the cause of our estrangement is complicated.  Our lives are far divergent on many fronts.  She's ten years older than me, and had a very different upbringing.  We were both essentially only children, even though we had the same mother.

One thing we both inherited was artistic aspiration.  While mine has been focused on writing, Deborah always dreamed of becoming an actress, like our grandmother Nadine.  Yet, much like the literary fields, acting is a career plagued with a critical supply and demand problem.  There are too many people trying to do it, and not enough need for their services.  For every actor who makes a living or becomes famous, there are a dozen others who never get the chance; not because they aren't qualified or suitable, but because they just aren't chosen.  Call it fate, luck, God's will, whatever.  It is a sad truth that so much talent goes to waste.  Last I heard, Deborah had given up on her dream for the most part, as so many people tend to do.

I don't know if Deborah will ever discover this blog, or care to contact me again, though much like the Moody Blues song says, there are letters I've written never meaning to send.  If the chance ever comes that we should meet again, online or in person, it would be a welcome experience.

Wherever she may be and whatever she may be doing, I wish her happiness.

Deborah Perron with Aaron Rogers
November 2000


  1. Hrrrmmm. If you miss her this much and don't know where she is, you might want to approach a private investigator about it. Of course, that takes money. Sigh. Always the money, right?

  2. I doubt I'd need to go that far to reestablish contact with her. There are people I could ask, some of her father's relatives who'd know where she is at the moment. It's the fact that she has decided to distance herself from me, so it's her choice. I respect her wishes, either way.

  3. She may be in Bothell Washington, she went to Evergreen College. She is an amazing woman

  4. Deborah and I met in Fort Collins, CO in 1994. I too have sought out Deborah but she does not seem to have an online presence. Contacting relatives in Santa Fe didn't prove helpful. My searches have pointed to Seattle as her current residence.

  5. Wow, I can't believe it.
    Today I wanted to reminisce old times when I spent holidays in New York in 1990 or 1991.

    Please excuse my english, because I am not a native speaker.
    I live in Germany.

    So I started with google street view.
    I looked in my old address book as I know just one person living in New York at that time.
    It is Debbie.
    So it's been one or two hours I searched the internet with no proper result.

    With my friend I spent one or two evenings with Debbie and her friend.
    I remember that she told me she was writing (short stories?).

    So I added to her name the word 'writing' and it gave me your site.
    I don't have a photo of her, but you have!!
    Thank you, thank you!

    I am 99% sure that it's her, because I have a phenomenal memory for faces.
    I have also written down her address at that times.
    She told me she lived together with her aunt.

    She was very nice!

    I think of her here and there.

    Well you know, New York was a big and impressive experience for me, being 21 or 22 years old.
    We spent there two weeks in Manhattan.

    You know, if you are 46 years old like me it makes you feel like looking back in anothers persons life.
    New York became so far away for me...
    Makes me sad in a way thinking of all the things which have gone, all the people I met and don't see anymore.
    I would have loved to meet her more, but it was only a two weeks tourist thing.

    So I really feel for you, too!

    When I read about Seattle here, I think it is possible that she was talking about moving there.
    I am not sure. Maybe it was about "Grunge Music?"

    Though I am quite sure she wouldnt remember me (hmm, maybe she would),
    for me she stays in my memory, maybe because of the all in all "big experience" for me.

    A little bit like in the Minnie Riperton/Leon Ware song "Inside my love"

    "Two strangers, not strangers Only lacking the knowing"

    Two people from different far away corners of the world, running in each other and feeling a strong sympathy
    for each other.

    I liked her a lot!