Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Fun at Jackson Park

Here's a look back in time.  These are a few old pictures from my Forthman collection, taken at Jackson Park in Chicago during the winter of 1915.  Pictured is Anna Louise Littlefield Forthman (my great-grandmother) with her five older children (this was 4 years before my grandmother was born).  The top photo is handily labeled, so you can tell who's who.

Those with a keen eye may notice a thumb print on the middle photo.  I'm not sure who left their mark on the picture, but it was undoubtedly some relative of mine, and it occurred long before I ever saw the print, probably before I was even born.

While not the clearest or most pristine photos, they're a fascinating relic of the family's past.  Have fun out in the snow!

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