Monday, January 9, 2012

Out In The Cold (Minstrel Mondays)

It's an off-beat love ballad, for those who have loved, left, and returned.  It doesn't really apply to anything in my life, but I've had book characters undergo this sort of situation, and I'm certain some of you out there can relate to this.  Ah, sad regrets...

I never meant to leave
I wanted to stay home
but the nagging voice
inside of me
had other things in store.
But the calling of the moment
will sadly slip away
when the tide of change
leave us wanting.

You might think this is the end
our day will never come again
and I can't say anything
that'll make you feel assured
but as I slip away
I'll be left dreaming of the day
your eyes will be once again in mine.

For the bitter winds of autumn
sing a tune of sorrow
even as the afternoon glows
iridescent blue
The lonely howls of winter wind
will chase me back to you again
and if you let me in I'm certain
we'll forget about our fallen fate
amidst the comfort of the night

Don't leave me out in the cold
dreaming of our yesteryears
when tomorrow could be our brighter day.
Take me in your waiting arms
and we'll make this life go far
even if we say farewell again

The bitter snow is falling
upon my naked soul
as your cold shoulder shows me
a sad refrain
The frost stings my lips
as I wait for your last kiss
wondering if you really mean it
For you didn't put me out
I chose this cold I know
but it wasn't cold that day
when last I saw you.
How quickly seasons change
and the pleasure turns to pain
when one bad choice comes to
a bitter end

No one would blame you
if you shut me out
left me to this fate my mind has chosen
but letting me back in
will surely warm your heart
as I rekindle the love you're
sorely lacking
I'll make it up everyday
when we're together

So don't leave me out in the cold
and I promise, we'll be here when we're old
even if I'm gone from time to time
for even when I go away
you know I'll come home straightaway
so long as you leave your light
shining my way

Know that I'm in your heart

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