Monday, January 23, 2012

Surrender? Never! (Minstrel Mondays)

Today is the opening day for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2012 Contest!  I've already gotten my submission safely delivered, and can now sit back and dread next month's first cut, where 4 out of 5 entries will be dropped because their "pitch" doesn't pique the curiosity of the anonymous judges.  I feel I have a good shot this year, but I thought that last year when I failed to crack the first round threshold.  It's all pretty random, and heavily based on personal tastes.  I just have to hope that I receive the right judges, who'll like my sales pitch.

I'm still waiting to hear back from someone before I reveal some pretty exciting news.  Stay tuned for that.

Now, back to Minstrel Mondays, with a general poem about the entertainment industry.  Whether you're an aspiring writer, actor/actress, singer/songwriter, comedian, etc... you'll find something familiar in this piece, that I dedicate to everyone who has a dream and still strives to fulfill it.

it's what I need
it's what I'm seeking
each and every day.
Let me on
the stage again
so I can pull off
a miracle.

Never in my life
have I ever asked for more
but never have I ever asked for less.
It's nothing to receive
this immaterial thing
but we're all hoping.

Throw it out again
trying hard to win
at a game that has
no ultimate winner.
Losers still abound
and failures come around
to the realization that
no one ever knows.

You could be the hit
they've been waiting for
the superstar of tomorrow
waiting in the wings
but by chance you turn out
to be yesterday's star
you'll never know
how far you could go.

Giving it your all
is only thinking small.
You've got to get out
and give it someone
else's hundred and ten.
How can you do it alone
when your competition is overgrown?
There's no comparing numbers
with the borg!

Step into the light
and keep fighting
for your moment.
There's nothing worse
than thinking "I could've tried."
If you try and fail again
even if you never win
at least you'll sleep soundly
knowing you did all you could.

When history is written
the worst of the losers
are those who never tried
and are left forgotten.
If you keep striving for the mark
even if you never reach it
will at least know you were

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