Monday, January 30, 2012

An Inkling of You (Minstrel Mondays)

Sometimes, a poem is best left without explanation.  Read it and glean what you can from it.

Your graceless beauty
haunts me every day
Your saintless sultry
brings me a supple smile
When your train has left the station
I will still remain
committedly yours

There have been others
there will be others still
but everything I dream for
is waiting under your skin.
Elsewhere, I'll never find
that solitary look
you have in your eyes

For there are dreams we share
without even knowing
but we are worlds apart
beyond believing
and I'm never going to find
a single piece of mind
in all the days
that we are through
I can't look upon you

We have a heart to keep
locked up in our minds
trapped away from reality
timeless and unkind
We'll never know each other
so long as we're alive
but I know
we won't let go

To have an inkling of you
I know I'm a lucky man
yet you know only the shadow
I cast upon your plans
a caricature of compassion
lurking in plain sight
but never will we bring
ourselves to partake
of our inherent right

There will come a day
where nothing will be said
if we should stand
hand in hand
going forward forevermore
in broad daylight

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