Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dead Anthology to Come

Horror generally hasn't been my genre, and I honestly will never be a fan of the gory slasher flicks that are a dime a dozen.  However, amidst the slew of slush are some really intelligent tales of suspense, sci-fi horror, and fantastic terror tales that contain more than blood and gore.  I've had the pleasure of reading several such pieces in recent months from very talented writers, and as a Sci-Fi & Fantasy publisher, I feel like putting some things together for those of you who tend toward the macabre.

For my first foray into the darker side of publishing, I'd like to announce the "Life of the Dead," anthology, a collection of logical and suspenseful Undead stories.  Yes, Zombies have been done to death, yet for some inexplicable reason they have staying power at the moment.  The zombie craze has yet to die down, so I'll put together my own take on the sub-genre.

What I'm after:  I'd like to see some originality to the stories, something that isn't just a rehash of Night of the Living Dead, or similar low-budget bloodbaths.  I'm after stories that add a sense of logic to the zombie phenomenon, stories that trend toward Sci-Fi.  Give us some science behind them, or show us a new side of zombies that we don't generally see.  Basically, show me more than just yahoos blasting living dead with shotguns.  As the title implies, I'd like to see the life of the dead.  Are they really all about eating brains, or is there something deeper?  Explore the possibilities.

There you go, another great Martinus Publishing Anthology to look forward to.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go clean my Mossberg, just in case...

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