Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I expect everyone has heard about the terrorist bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  It is the most heinous and cowardly form of attack on America in years, and not the sort of thing that generally happens in this country.  It is a rare sort of scum who blows up innocent bystanders to make some political point, and they never, ever get what they want, unless their sole intent is to hurt people indiscriminately.

It is an outrage, and no doubt we'll uncover the truth behind those responsible in time.  However, Americans need to remember that this is a very infrequent thing, and we should not start running scared.  That's what the bomber scum want.  They want you to be terrorized.  They want you to beg the government to protect you.  They want you to surrender your freedoms in exchange for an illusion of "security."  We must not allow fear to change who we are in this free country, and to preserve our freedoms we must demand stiff penalties on those who commit these sorts of crimes.

There are so many factors that I could discuss regarding this attack, but everyone else is already talking about it.  Rather than delve deeply into my own thoughts, I'd just like to say that I hope the culprit is exterminated with prejudice.  Bombers of this sort deserve no quarter, but since this happened in Massachusetts, the guilty party will not face the death penalty.  They'll instead get a cushy jail cell and three square meals a day for the rest of their natural life, along with cable television, all the free reading material they want, and they could even chat with their terrorist buddies about how much fun they had in the good old days.

So, yes, it would be very nice to see the person responsible for these outrageous acts "punished" accordingly.  A little karmic justice would go a long way toward making up the current gap in the overly-lax American justice system.  Where's the wrath of God when you need it?  Zap.

Burn in hell, terrorist-bomber scum!

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  1. As fine as the rest of the sentiments's still a stretch to suggest that Jesus, who forgave his executioners, would hate whoever is responsible.