Saturday, April 27, 2013


X is probably the toughest letter in the alphabet for the A to Z challenge.  There just aren't that many X words that make a good topic.  Fortunately, I can fall back on my childhood and bring up that old video game, Xevious.

I must have been about 5 when my parents bought me an Atari 7800, a very primitive video game system.  One of the half dozen games I got with it was Xevious, which sucked up many happy hours.  I actually preferred Galaga, but Xevious was fine for a change of pace.

Over the years, I've played various old video games, though the ancient Atari games haven't really piqued my interest.  I can honestly say I grew out of them, and to be fair I haven't really played any games for months.  Video games are losing their allure, as I find my time shrinking with different projects and responsibilities.  Maybe, someday, I'll feel the urge to pick up a controller again, but for now I'll leave that to my kids, who still have some time to waste.

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  1. Good one! I've never hear of Xevious before.

    It's so true that as we get older it's hard to carve out the time for our skivey pursuits, and I guess that's just as well. Except, oops, that's exactly what I'm blogging about for the A to Z Challenge.

    *gives self a good smack*