Monday, April 29, 2013

Yesterday's Fantasy (Poem)

For quite a while, I had a feature called "Minstrel Mondays," where I would share a poem or set of song lyrics of my own creation.  That feature has gone by the wayside for the most part, because I don't think there's a huge interest in my poetry.  I used to write a lot of them when I was younger, though they never got me anywhere.

Today I present a little poem I put together back in 2006, which may have some meaning for you.

Sticky day
that I'm feeling,
of things that flow around
me, unending passion
never realized,
forgotten with age,
fallen from the tree
of knowledge, we seek
something we'll never get.
Yet out of it all
we find some meaning
that was never meant
to be.

I can't see your face
anymore, that's why I
try to feel my own.
It's not what I remember,
this sanctimonious me,
the eyes that stare back
are somebody without a
care of what I want.
I forgot myself in the
haze of tomorrow's reality.
I'm happier in yesterday's fantasy.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know why you stopped. That was very well written.