Monday, September 19, 2011

There Will Be A-Shootin' (Minstrel Mondays)

Work on the sequel to West of the Warlock continues apace, and I’m pleased to give it a new name.  Henceforth, the sequel formerly known as Mystic Selwood shall be called “The Curse of Selwood.”  The source of this name-change will be apparent in the second chapter of the work, where the curse will be explained.

To celebrate the new title, here’s a little poem with hidden messages to tantalize and confound my fans!

The hangman stood
Ready at the switch
An angry mob
Cheering him on
Eager to see a thing stretch
No proof, no trial
It wasn’t deemed human
The accusation was murder
So death was the remedy

Protests ignored
The righteous woman cries
But none care to listen
Then the riders come
The valiant heroes
Back off the trail
Lawmen and outlaws
A myriad assorted crew
The sheriff stands tall
Tells them to desist
No matter what the Marshall
Or some drunken judge says
They’ll not let the innocent hang

Cutting the noose, the sheriff shouts
A bullet in his back
Treachery beyond belief
Claims him in broad daylight
The deputy shouts and unleashes lead
At the feet of the fleeing crowd.

Blood stains the gallows
As the greatest lawman
Leaks his vital fluids
He urges calm, says he’ll survive
Or so he wants to believe
Take him to the Doctor
To find a final verdict

And as the sheriff bleeds
The villain laughs
At the folly of fools
Who sought to slay him
They assured they never would

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