Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Do A Review

(Parental Advisory: Begging)

Now that West of the Warlock has officially been published in print and kindle formats, it is time to spread the word.  Part of doing that involves getting reviews posted on Amazon.com.  A quick note from a reader, telling other potential readers about the book, helps to drive sales and get more people interested.  If nobody reviews a book, people automatically assume the book is no good and that it isn't worth reading.  However, when reviews start getting posted, people notice and are more inclined to give it a chance.

Please, if you've read the free episodes for West of the Warlock, go to Amazon.com here and post a review of it.  Yes, there is additional content in the book, but if you've read the freebies, you know enough about it to have an opinion on the overall product.  While you're at it, click a few of the tags for the book at Amazon, as well.  That'll help people with searches.

Yes, I'll go so far as to beg for your participation.  Please, if you never do anything else for me, do this little thing and let other people know about this book!  One review could make all the difference.  I wrote the book for you; you do the review for me.  Pleeeeezzzzzeeee!!!

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