Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanted: A Few Good Writers

Do you have "the write stuff?"  Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Next month, I'll be moderating a writing contest/exercise at the Pill Hill Press forum.  They call these things "shootouts," though it's more of a write-off (not to be confused with a tax loophole).  A group of writers are given a single prompt/theme, and have to write a short story in one week.  The following week, they read some of their competitors' stories and give brief reviews and a point scores (1-10).  This will be a 4-round contest I'm running, so it'll take the better part of 2 months to complete.

These contests are really fun for writers, and they end up producing some interesting stories.  If you are a writer worth your keyboard, you should consider signing up for this one.  Details and more are here, at the Pill Hill Press Forum.

There will be added incentives to compete in this contest.  Cash, free books, or something else of that nature will be awarded to the eventual winner of this shootout.  The prize will be announced later on, as we get closer to the start date of the competition.

If you have what it takes, and can fit it into your schedule, sign up today!  Slots are limited, so don't hesitate too long.


  1. I saw this on the forum, and if it wasn't for my current jam-packed schedule, I would have done this! Good luck with your entries!

  2. I know how tight a writer's schedule can be. One reason I'm running this shootout rather than participating is due to my own limited time. Hosting ought to be easier, and allow me to continue my work on my second Fantasy Western, as well as a NaNoWriMo book.

    Be sure to invite anyone you know who might be interested in participating.