Monday, September 5, 2011

This is Labor Day (Minstrel Mondays)

We live in interesting times, as always.  Many people decry the "end of day," as they have since the beginning of time, and others think it'll never come.  I can't say I'm a big fan of the Armageddon Now theory, as I don't think mankind has even begun to scratch the surface of its potential.  Our true purpose in this mortal existence has yet to be realized, and we won't get there in chains.

There are those who think we need to be sheep or slaves for the greater good, our own protection, or "for the children."  There are profiteers, elitists, and assorted crazies who want to undermine and destroy western civilization in the name of their own brand of philosophy (interpret that in as many ways as you desire), and I personally find myself wondering who will win out?  Most people haven't even picked a side in the growing conflict, or are afraid to declare one for fear of being judged in some way.

As for the foes of freedom, for the most part, they know not what they do.

Okay, doom and gloom aside, let's get to today's medley.  It's a little piece I call "This is Labor Day."

Recognize the follies of a million men
Where to begin, oh Lord
Where to begin
See them resting in the streets today
Who can we get on board?
Who will be brave?
For the world is turning fast
To a suicidal pact
Of enslavement and destruction
Make everybody bleed
To serve the greater need
Of a philosophical connection

So this is Labor Day
Same as yesterday
Only now we have the time to wonder why
Will it all break down
Because we sit around
And wait for someone else to fight for us
Where to begin?

They're planning our defeat
While kneeling at our feet
And swearing that we're all they care for
It'll be for our own good
When they nail us to the wood
And take away our freedoms for protection
But there has to be a way
To reach the glorious day
When men are once more free to promise

Another Labor Day
And all the children say
It's a good excuse to stay home and play
But at the heart of things
Will they ever understand
The reason we all have to kneel and pray
On judgment day

What will we say
When they've taken it all away
And we're left with nothing but
Ashes on our graves?
Will it buy them absolvence
That it was all done
In the name of benevolence
When they all lied
For their greater good?

On this Labor Day
I heard the people say
That you've gotta give it up for yesterday
But we will surely stay
Whatever game they play
The only answer left for us to make
Is if we'll break
Give in to the terror
Kneel before the fraud
Or will we stand tall
Fight against the fall
And stay true to all we believe
For tomorrow's another day
That we can say
We are free

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