Thursday, September 8, 2011

West of the Warlock: Week 7 (+Ask the Author)

Next week we'll be wrapping up the online episodes for West of the Warlock, and to celebrate that and the forthcoming book release, we'll be having a chat party.  As we prepare for the chat, the Hall Brothers have set up a venue for people to submit questions for yours truly.  These questions will be sprung on me during the chat, so if you'd like some answers, and to see how I think on the run, be sure to submit a question today, and then drop by the chat on September 15th!  You can submit questions to the Hall Brothers here.

Week 7 brings us a bunch of startling revelations for our heroes.  Who is the mysterious Sage, and what are his true origins?  Who are the Fergusons, and what are they doing with futuristic technology?  Learn the shocking answers in The Bastard Revealed!

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