Thursday, September 22, 2011

Writers Still Needed

There are still some empty slots in the "Fall into Autumn Shootout" writing contest.  I was hoping for a larger turnout, as previous competitions drew considerable interest.  This is the first one I'll personally be moderating, so I'd like it to go well, but I can't do that without enough willing participants.

I know some of you have other obligations, but surely you know other writers who might be interested.  So, do me a favor and share this link, and ask them if they'd like the chance to flex their creative muscles and have the chance to win cash and/or other prizes (to be announced).

These are really fun to do, and in the end each writer has a fistful of fresh stories to tout around the marketplace.  Spread the word, and let's get more people playing!

Fall into Autumn Shootout: sign-up here.

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