Thursday, September 15, 2011

West of the Warlock: Week 8 (+Chat Tonight)

We're here at last.  Today, the final online episode of "West of the Warlock" comes out, and tomorrow the book will be released with all sorts of extras!  In celebration of the release, we have a chat party tonight, starting at 8PM Eastern.  If you're around from 8-9 tonight, drop by and say hello.  You'll have the opportunity to order a copy of the book, as well as talk to me.  It's bound to be a lot of fun.

~The Chatroom is Here~

In our thrilling finale for West of the Warlock, the final conflict is resolved.  See the collective forces of good battling the evil madman, Blythe the Bastard!  Failure means the death of an entire world, but how can our heroes outwit someone with such ultimate power?

Check out all 8 online episodes here!

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