Monday, July 25, 2011

As Long As Time Permits (Minstrel Mondays)

Yes, it's time for what Paul McCartney might call a "silly love song."  This is a little something that popped into my head back when I was dating my wife, so there is quite a bit of youthful passion obvious in these words.  Looking back at it now, I can hear Bon Jovi belting out the tune in my head.  Yeah, I coulda been a singer/songwriter... too bad I can't sing, and the flute is the only instrument I can play.

I love you more than any man will ever love you,
and I hope your love for me is equally divine.
For I wish to be with you all throughout tomorrow.
Never do I want this dream to die.

Our love is so deeply pure,
as we venture into a world unsure.
I fear our hearts will be torn asunder,
ripped from each other's arms forever.

But I can't let those simple fears destroy me.
I must stand tall, hold on as strong as ever.
And never shall I let your body down.
So long as I stand here upon this ground.

I will love you as long as time permits me
and I'll never forget this vow until all's ended.
Life must see the two of us together,
Or life will not see you and me at all.

Cold are the nights I wait without you,
and warm are the days when we're together.
I only hope that someday we'll have ever-after,
and perhaps our future will be very long.
Yet still I have this horrible apprehension,
from the world that we live in, it's so disruptive.
I only hope I can protect you from the evil,
So our love, it will never be corrupted.

And I will stay so close until it's all over,
our lives will stay forever intertwined.
And never shall my heart or soul betray you,
for only with your love shall we survive.

I can't stand the thought of losing you,
and I know you can't imagine losing me.
So let us walk hand in hand together,
and we'll see how far it'll take us both today.

I will love you as long as time permits me
and I'll never forget this vow until all's ended.
Life must see us through together.
Without you I don't have any life at all.

We must stay strong,
love now together,
as long as time permits.


  1. But you could be a lyricist?! That was beautiful, Martin. So touching.

    Ellie Garratt

  2. Yes, maybe I could be the next Diane Warren? If only time permits...