Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Surnames on the Tree

Over the last few weeks, I've managed to fit in some genealogical research, and uncovered a new branch on my mother's side.  Discovering more about Nancy Rogers (b. August 11, 1794 /Died May 15, 1825), I have been able to identify a few more surnames to my list.  More distant cousins await!

Additional surnames

Generation 8: Otis

Generation 9: Gardner

Generation 10: Gustin, Little

Generation 11: Bushnell, Sherman, Southworth, Thomas

Add these to the longer list from my previous blog post: You Might Be a Cousin If...


  1. Hi Martin!
    I'm Gary Reichel and a distant cousin of yours (yet another one pops up!). My father is Robert M. Reichel, his mother was Ruth (Fourthman) Reichel. Her mother was Anne Fourthman. Ruth was your grandmother's (Nadine) sister. I've really enjoyed and appreciate your research. It certainly filled in a number of gaps. Some of the photos really knocked me out!

  2. It's a pleasure to hear from you, Gary, and I'm glad you found the information to be of value. I was fortunate to have inherited a whole bunch of old photos from my mother last year, and will be showing more over time. Most of them are pre-WWII, as evidenced by those I've previously posted.

  3. Hi Martin! This is Carolyn yet another distant cousin, Gary's sister! Nice to meet you! I have some written genealogy that my grandmother Ruth, Nadine's sister did a long time ago concerning the Fourthman's. I would be happy to copy this and mail it to you. There are some interesting stories as well that were typed out. We have Casper Forthman's wife listed as Margaret Ann Wickline born in Sax Annaburg, Germany. 1793. You have some beautiful photos posted of the girls with their mother (Great-grandmother Forthman. I have some beautiful photos as well to share if you are interested.

  4. Hi Martin! I am Gary's sister, Carolyn! I have some great information that my grandmother Ruth, your grandmother's sister complied quite a long time ago. Genealogy about the Forthman's. I would be happy to copy the paper work and send it to you, if you would like. There are also some interesting stories that Grandma put in there as well that you may find interesting. I love the photo you posted of the girls with Grandma Forthman. I have some beautiful photos if you would like to share! I would be happy to copy them and send them to you!

  5. That would be excellent. Drop me an email at and we'll set things up.