Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Soon: West of The Warlock

It's done!  My latest work of fiction, the must anticipated Fantasy Western, is complete in every way.  The final edits have been done, and the formatting is finished.  You will all be able to read "West of the Warlock" starting next Thursday, July 28, at the Hall Brothers Entertainment website.  The main story will be free to read, and the full book will be published following the episodic run of the series (sometime in September).

The print edition will contain some great bonus material, which I hope will entice you to buy the complete composition when it comes out.  Let me give you a brief introduction to a few of these fabulous pieces.

  • Grimes of War:  A flashback story that'll take readers to the early life of Ron Grimes, as he and his dwarf infantry are fighting in the Civil War.  In this alternate world of magic and mysticism, you can be assured the War Between the States will have some curious twists and turns!

  • Date Night:  The 9th Episode of this 8-part serial.  This takes place directly after the main story you'll be reading online.  It serves as both an epilogue to the book, and a prologue to the forthcoming sequel, tentatively entitled "Mystic Selwood."

  • Deleted Scene:  There was one part of the original story that was removed for various reasons.  Discover this fascinating and scandalous extra, if you dare!

  • Afterword:  My reflections about the creation of the story, and special insights into the writing and publication process.

In all, these bonus features add an extra 20% to the book, so buyers shall not be disappointed!

I hope you'll all be reading this unique tale.  Invite friends, relatives, and complete strangers!  Everyone is welcome to read the adventures of Boron Grimes, the gunslinger dwarf, and his assorted friends & foes.  If you aren't entertained by this forthcoming thrill ride, check your pulse and call a physician pronto!

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