Friday, July 1, 2011

Science Fiction for Independence Day

For those who'd like to read something of mine for free, I invite you to check out one of my more recent short stories, which was released especially for Independence Day by Hall Brothers Entertainment:

This tale of Science Fiction takes us to a whole new future, where technology has regressed to feudal times, and the people of America work as peasant serfs under the dominion of oppressive nobles and their minions.  The story is told in the third person, but follows the thoughts and perceptions of a simple farmer who is uprooted from his life of servitude by an enigmatic stranger, who recruits him into a band of outlaws seeking to restore freedom and justice to the land.  Think of it as Robin Hood meets George Washington in the 31st century.

This short story is as entertaining as many of my other tales, though by my standards it is a little sloppy.  There are a couple of typos in the first half, and there are a few times where the same word is used repeatedly.  It's probably not something everyone would notice, but I tend to be critical of my own work.  I should have caught these minor style issues before sending it out, but no suck luck!  Hey, it's no worse than your average commercial press release these days (seriously, every writer makes mistakes).

I hope you enjoy this piece of fiction.  Have a great Independence Day weekend!

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