Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream of Fire (Minstrel Mondays)

It has been hot lately, and I've been going through some personal difficulties (life is never easy).  Here's a little piece I wrote about a nightmare I had ten years ago.  It ought to spark an emotion or two.

Still in darkness,
I lie at ease,
peacefully sleeping.

The embers unseen,
hidden beneath daylight's rays,
glow forth through night's curtain
of shadowed refrain.

In the late night where men are afraid to tread
is where I lurk at the back of my head
seeing those glowing embers grow still
to burst forth into flames of pain.

A puff of smoke,
a flash of flame,
and fires are reborn.
The flames reach up
to caress the wood above me,
the great frame of my sturdy home
consumed by the flames,
eternally maimed.

Another flash from the embers below,
my blazing home is dealt a deadly blow.
The torch of pain spreads forth a deadly flame
and all is forgotten by the slain.

A gasp for air
from my tired lungs
brings in none but saturating smoke.
My eyes water from the heat
and my throat burns deep.
Stumbling to the floor, I find my home
creaking and groaning from within,
its bracing gone to my chagrin.

As all that was mine comes crashing down
the deadly collapse striking at my brow...
Then I awaken in lingering darkness
but the light of dawn soon destroys
an imagined mess.

A blink of an eye,
a whiff of the air,
and all my fear is forgotten,
yet lingers still for tomorrow's dreams.

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