Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stargate SG-1 Neophyte Guide (Season 3)

Hello, it's me again, seeking to indoctrinate you into the Stargate franchise.  I said I'd get around to posting this well over a month ago, so better late than never.

After getting through the first 2 seasons, you must either be getting hooked, or drifting into the hopeless realm of boredom.  This guide will hopefully drag you back toward the favorability side of things.  Also, if you skipped seasons 1 & 2, you can always try jumping into the thick of it with the 3rd season.  This handy guide will help point you toward the more important stories.  If you haven't been completely drawn in by now, that Season 3 can do the trick!

Remember the color coded ratings:

Red –Major continuity episode:  This is a must-see episode, due to important story elements that impact the whole series in some way.

Green –Medium continuity episode:  These episodes have events with some impact on other, future episodes, but they can be skipped without totally losing focus on the storyline.  If you skip one of these, be sure to go back to it after the Red episodes get you hooked.

Blue –Minor continuity episode.  These may have some minor story elements that will impact something in the future of the series, but it's not that important.

Black –Non continuity episodes.  These stories are stand-alone episodes, which have no influence or bearing on the future of the series.

*Episodes I personally recommend, even if they aren't high priority for continuity.  These are ones I especially enjoyed.

Now, see what Season 3 has in store:

Into the Fire*
Fair Game
Learning Curve
Point of View*
Deadman Switch
Rules of Engagement
Forever in a Day
Past and Present
Jolinar's Memories
The Devil You Know
A Hundred Days*
Shades of Grey
New Ground
Maternal Instinct
Crystal Skull*

We had more stand-alone episodes this season, and a couple of them were really good in my opinion (as noted by the multiple asterisks).  We had a few major plot developments within the red episodes, as well.  If you're still not hooked after this, let's try season 4.

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