Monday, July 4, 2011

Bust Out (Minstrel Mondays)

Happy 235th Birthday, America!

I was thinking about throwing together a patriotic song of sorts for this Independence Day, though I have been quite busy with other projects, and haven't had the chance.  So, instead, I have picked through my catalog of older songs/poems, and selected this interesting piece I wrote when I was 21.  It reflects a yearning for escape and adventure, on something of a Springsteen/Mellencamp/Bon Jovi theme.  Enjoy this fantastic day!  (Oh, and see if you can spot the grammatically correct triple-negative.)

I'm just sitting around this backwards town,
wonderin' if there really could be more for me.
The things I see, the times I dream
I'm starting to think that maybe it's all a scam.
'Cause don't you know we'll never go nowhere
not stickin' around this deadbeat town
This may be home, but it's the middle of nowhere
and you just can't get ahead. You just get by.

When I was younger, not too long ago,
I knew this girl and we danced at a ball.
She was a fine young girl but she couldn't dance royal,
so we went our separate ways.
Now she's a mother, first at sixteen,
married to some guy I've rarely seen,
but, then again, we're not that close.

Now these poorly paves streets are covered with snow,
slickened with ice, covered with slush.
How will we ever get away from this waylaid crowd?
I tried to hit the road but my car's all rusted.
The engine won't start and the muffler's busted.
And the inspection sticker peeled off,
from nineteen eighty four.

So I'll just have to dream about that smooth pavement scene,
Racing along to a better destiny.
Stuck in a town where you just get by
is better than stuck in a place where you die.

But we've gotta bust out, we gotta bust out soon. I feel
an urge to get out, hear the screech of my wheels
to find a better future. Son of a gun,
there's got to be something more somewhere,
under the sun.

So, when you're looking to take that long ride
to something better, I'll be by your side,
if you're looking for some interesting company.
Just remember they say, in this day and age,
you're so lucky to get by, and so easy to die.
Maybe it's not so bad in this town,
but you'll never know until you've been down.


  1. Happy 4th of July!

    I loved your lyrics. As I read them, I could hear a melody in my head. Bravo. As for the triple-negative, can you put me out of my misery?

    Ellie Garratt

  2. "...we'll never go nowhere not sticking around..."

    never and nowhere counter each other, leaving "not sticking around" as the triple. Hence, we will go somewhere by not sticking around. Yes, that'll make your head spin. It would sound better if Bruce Springsteen were singing it.