Friday, August 19, 2011

Does Blogger Hate Me?

I've been having some technical difficulties with the blogger system lately, though I suspect it is my fault.  For the last month or so, I haven't been able to see the "followers" box on any blog.  It simply won't load (not even on my own).  This has prevented me from becoming a follower on several blogs I've discovered, and stopped me from seeing who is following me.

As I said, I don't think this an issue on their end.  I am running dial-up, and I'm still using IE7 for my browser.  I don't know if that causes a problem, but I wouldn't be surprised.  I'm running software that is out of date (albeit slightly), and the fact that I am stuck with an antiquated internet connection is not their concern.

I'm not about to get IE8, because I tried that last year and the thing crashed my computer.  I don't know what happened, exactly.  A hunk of the program might have been downloaded improperly, or perhaps my old XP operating system just didn't like it.  Either way, I ended up having to format my hard drive and reprogram the whole thing!  I will not be doing that again, just on the off-chance that blogger's system doesn't like IE7.

I mention this in case somebody out there has an answer.  It would be nice if somebody out there remembered that there are backwaters of the world (even in the United States) that still don't have access to that-thar high speedy intro-net stuff.  Maybe I'll get lucky and Fairpoint Communications will update the 30 year old phone lines leading to my house, but until they do I'll keep muddling along with the dial up.

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  1. Blogger doesn't hate you. It's simply female and is having a mood swing. I had a long discussion with it earlier and not it's working fine for me. Lovely tool, isn't it? :)