Thursday, August 11, 2011

West of the Warlock: Week 3 (+The Cover Revealed!)

Yesterday, I got my first look at the finished cover for the forthcoming West of the Warlock book release!  I hereby share the wonderful image with you, commissioned by the brothers Hall and illustrated by the talented Paul Milligan.

Of all my book covers, this is definitely one of my favorites.

Okay, week three of West of the Warlock will be online today.  Meet the sinister Mactus Sellius and learn what he'll do to steal Joella's hand in marriage.  Get a look into the private lives of elves on the wild frontier, and have a tasty bowl of parsnip stew.  Treachery, polygamy, and gunplay all make this week's episode a must-read!

Check out all currently released episodes here!

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  1. It's fabulous. Love it. All success to you on this release.