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The Littlefields of Illinois

Getting back to my "Family Sunday" columns, let's go over one of the lesser-known branches of my family; the Littlefields of Illinois.  My grandmother's mother was a Littlefield, and I've managed to dig up quite a bit on them, thanks to some family photos, notes, and tiring research.

The earliest Littlefield I've been able to identify is Henry Littlefield, born in Ireland circa 1804.  He came to America before 1840, and settled in Waukegan, Illinois, with his wife Joanna.  They had the following children (Generation 2):

Jane (b. 1841)
George (b. November 23, 1842 /Died May 9, 1904)
Amelia (b. 1846)
Henry II(my 2x great grandfather, b. September 23, 1849 /Died October 2, 1899)
James (b. 1856)
Charles (b. 1862)

I haven't been able to trace Jane, James, or Amelia past their childhood.  The daughters likely got married and changed their names, so I haven't found their marriage certificates.  I learned that Charles married Annie Hearne (b. 1858 /Died January 5, 1921), though I don't know if they had any children.

George Littlefield married Betty Wilson (b. November 22, 1856 /Died June 16, 1946) in 1882, and they had at least 2 children (Generation 3):
Paul M. (b. January 1884)
Martha Adelia (b. April 26, 1886 /Died 1963).

Martha Adelia Littlefield married Canadian-born Joseph Robert Collinson (b. May 27, 1879 /Died December 21, 1943) and they had 3 children (Generation 4):

Dickenson Ober Collinson (b. November 28, 1909 /Died December 9, 1996)

Annie Carney Littlefield
w/ Daughter Anna Louise Forthman
New Orleans, 1912

Susan Elizabeth Collinson (b. January 21, 1915 /Died May 11, 1984) married Thornton Taylor Shively (b. February 26, 1913 /Died June 21, 1980).
Hazel Collinson (b. 1917 in Montana)

Henry Littlefield II married Annie Carney (b. 1853 in Northern Ireland), and they had the following children (also Generation 3):

Joseph Henry (b. March 1877 /Died before 1930)
Anna Louise (my great-grandmother, b. 1880)
Alexander C. (b. 1884 /Died November 17, 1939)
John (b. 1885)
Alfred James (b. June 19, 1888)
Mary N. (b. January 1891)
Edward G. (b. April 1894)

Anna Louise Littlefield married William E. Forthman, Sr. before 1900, and you can find their children listed under my Fistful of Forthmans column.

Joseph Henry Littlefield married Sarah Gertrud Marshall (b. 1880), and they had four children (Generation 4):

Harry, Flo, Anna, & Ruth

Harry P. (b. September 20, 1899 /Died January 1983)
Ruth L. (b. 1901)
Mary Florence (b. May 11, 1902 /Died September 4, 1994)
Anna Louise (b. December 15, 1904 /Died December 27, 1937)

Alexander C. Littlefield married a woman named Rose, but I don't know if they had any children.

Alfred James Littlefield married Adele Maria Lennen (b. September 10, 1888 /Died November 12, 1969), and they had four children:

Edward J. (b. June 21, 1911 /Died January 6, 1956)
Alfred James II (b. August 31, 1913 /Died January 6, 1970)
Mary Anna (b. August 2, 1913 /Died September 16, 1913)
John Francis (b. September 19, 1918 /Died July 26, 2005)

Harry P. Littlefield married Winifred M. (b. 1900 in Illinois), and they had at least 2 daughters (Generation 5):

Patricia M. (b. 1925)
Joan A. (b. 1930)

Mary Florence Littlefield married John Francis Nichols (b. March 22, 1898 /Died July 20, 1955), and they had at least 2 children:
Mary J. Nichols (b. 1923)
John F. Nichols (b. 1925)

Anna Louise Littlefield married James Lonergan (b. December 17, 1902), and they had at least 2 children:

Lois Mary Lonergan (b. April 9 1926 /Died April 24, 1926)
Florence Lonergan (b. 1927)
Ileen Lonergan (b. November 9, 1928 /Died December 2, 1928)
Lois Ann Longergan (b. July 8, 1930 /Died July 9, 1996 in CA)

There it is, the sizeable hunk of the Littlefield line I've uncovered thus far.  I'll update it as discoveries are made.

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  1. I just sent you a message on your Facebook account. By what you have posted, I was married to one of your distant relatives. The son of Lois Ann Lonergan. Just letting you know you have a whole bunch of relatives from her line.