Friday, August 12, 2011

Sugar Man

Everyone has a vice of some sort or another.  It is the curse of this human existence.  We're born with the natural inclination to eat too much, drink too much, to drug ourselves out of rational thoughts, and otherwise escape the mundane.  The lucky and responsible people learn to overcome their addictions.

My parents took this literally!

My main vice is food.  I like to eat, and continue to combat the hunger each day.  More than that, I have a love of sugar.  Sweet, sweet, candy!  If not for self-control, I could consume mass quantities of the white stuff until I dropped.  Not a good thing, at all.

Examining my craving for sugar, I suspect is has something to do with my family history of alcoholism.  Medical experts have classified alcoholism as a disease, and I am inclined to agree with that assessment to a degree.  After centuries of human ancestors imbibing large quantities of alcohol, our bodies adapt on a genetic level to counter the poisons.  The body craves the toxins, so its over-developed purging systems can be put to work.

Breaking the cycle of alcoholism in my family, I have chosen to abstain entirely.  Therefore, my body seeks to satisfy itself in other ways.  Plain old sugar is my sweet addiction, one I will continue to battle for the rest of my life, but it beats being drunk.

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