Monday, August 1, 2011

Secrets of Time (Minstrel Mondays)

After a few weeks of sappy love songs and other sentimental stuff, here's a little poem for those who wish to think outside the box, to consider the possibilities of existence, and philosophize about the possibilities of life.  See what meaning you can glean from this little gem.

Time is floating by
Full of broken promises and dreams,
Never fully realized in the time of strangeness.

Time is filled with loneliness,
painful memories of loss and rot.
Things lost or never gained.
Wipe out that pain.
Unlock the secrets of Time.

Walking down the halls of memories,
memories acquired through eternity's expanse
and we do find something after all
among that mass of unreality.

Time consists of a million years,
countless lives of tears,
many great men brought down by their fears.
I can see time that way.

The jumbled thoughts of a passed eternity
never ceasing for even a moment.
A lost thought or forgotten dream,
time is the keeper of them all.

Time has passed since before our lives,
seen our elders grow up and die.
will see us go and come again.
It sees all but not at all.
Unlock the secrets of Time.

Time sees the world through turmoil,
has seen cities rise and fall.
Seen the good and bad of man
both find a bitter end.

Time remains impartial, changing nothing today.
Yet as it goes by, eventually, everything's taken away.
Why do people fail to see the failings of society?
They seek help from far away,
still richer monks sit and pray
for those they are unwilling to save.

Time holds all answers that will ever be,
yet will anyone live to see them?
Try as we might to fight the good fight,
the secrets stay locked in the vault.
Unlock the vault.
Unlock the secrets of time.

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