Thursday, August 25, 2011

West of the Warlock: Week 5 (+Mystic Selwood Progress)

The forthcoming sequel to West of the Warlock is well into production, and I'm pleased to say I've gotten more of it down this week.  The main story arc will be focusing around treachery and betrayal, and we'll get a glimpse into the event behind the founding of Selwood itself.

When writing sequels, I've often taken characters who had bit-parts in a previous novel and placed them in more significant roles.  The same can be said of Mystic Selwood, as several minor players from West of the Warlock will get their fifteen minutes of fame, and then some.  In particular, we'll get to see quite a bit more of Marshall Rodgers (who you can see in West of the Warlock, Episode 1: The Stagecoach Heist).  He and Sheriff Doliber will be butting heads as they both look for answers in a particularly horrific case.

Okay, bringing us back to the here and now, week 5 of West of the Warlock kicks off the back half of the online serials, and continues last week's action-packed story where Ron and Joella met none other than Wyatt Earp!  Saddle up with the Earp party on a "revised" addition to their infamous Vendetta Ride, as they trail bandits who are more than human!  Prepare to be shocked and awed by gunslinging adventure, this week on West of the Warlock!

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