Monday, October 17, 2011

Airhead Addiction (Minstrel Mondays)

I've heard a lot of really bad excuses over the years about why people should be allowed to do the destructive things they do.  People tend to justify their abuses of their bodies by equating it to something else, and one excuse a relative of mine liked to use is that "breathing is a chemical reaction our bodies are addicted to," as if that will let you off the hook for getting drunk or taking drugs.  Way to go, dude!  Oxygen is the new smack!  We're all addicts now, pass the bong!

Here's a poem I wrote on that theme.  There might be something worthwhile waiting in the words.

Life leaves you wanting
Never satisfied with what you have
Even if you pretend and lie
More is desired
It's the curse of the flesh
We try to deny
What we hold inside
But never will it be enough.

Suck in the air
All around we taste it
Thinking we need it
Oxygen keeps us alive
Without the crystal clear
We would quickly expire
Get ready for a funeral pyre!

Why do we need to breathe?
It all begins with that.
The addicting air we all consume
It's our eternal curse

I was hooked from the moment of birth
But it wasn't my fault
My mother sucked in air
All through her pregnancy
So I was condemned
To carry that burden
To suck in the air the trees excrete

Hold your breath,
End the cycle of
Never will you have to be
Addicted to the air we cannot see
Then maybe you'll believe

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