Sunday, October 23, 2011

Family History Update: Kirton

I am pleased to announce that I've uncovered a little more on the Kirton line.  The first discovery concerns Robert Nelson Kirton, brother of my great-grand father Julius Kirton.

As I previously stated, Robert was married to Vera Gates in 1919.  Now, thanks to recently uncovered data in the 1930 census, I have been able to confirm that he had at least 2 daughters.  Norma J. Kirton (b. 1921), and June E. Kirton (b. 1923).  Both were born in Ohio, and they were living in Chillicothe, Ohio, at the time of the census.

I've also learned a few more clues about Ellen Hyler, wife of Richard Kirton (my 4x great grandfather).  It turns out she was not from England, as I had previously believed.  According to census data, she was born in Kentucky circa 1824.  Her father was from New Jersey and her mother from Kentucky.  There were a lot of Hylers in Jersey back in the early part of the 1800's, but I have yet to find a link to any of them.  Ellen's parents remain unidentified at this time.  However, we are one step closer to discovering them!

I have also found a death record for Sidney Kirton, brother of my 3x great grandfather Nelson Kirton.  As previously stated, Sidney was born on 2 Feb 1859, and now I know he died in 1924, though the exact date wasn't specified on the report I obtained.  Still, that's one more piece of data we didn't have.

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